A Sneaky Peak!

At long last, I just finished my first book.  Yes, you read that right:  first book!

Tomorrow, I still need to do the dedication page, the acknowledgment page, and the wording for the back cover, but I can boldly claim that the book is finished.  I am sure that I will have some revising to do, but the hardest part is done, and I want you to have a sneak peak at:  When I was Silenced, then I could talk!  Here it is:

I do not know what you are dealing with or going through.  Maybe you struggle with finances.  Maybe there is an affair in your marriage.  Maybe you are so sick and you just don’t want to hang on any longer.  Give all of those pains to God.  He doesn’t want you to hang on to them any longer either.  Give everything over to Him, and then walk together, or let Him carry you.


“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil….for I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever (bits from Psalm 23)!  God is there.  In fact, He had his own valleys.  For forty days and nights Jesus and Satan fought and fought, but Satan couldn’t touch Him.  Jesus has been through our pain, and He conquered it.


You may say, “He never went through this.”  Yes He did.  It is clear that He had to endure everything, and He kept enduring while on the cross.  Each drop of blood had a name to it: yours, mine, our children, those that are gone, everyone!  If you think, “I can’t get through this predicament because no one can possibly love me enough”, then I have to say, “Jesus loved you so much, that in spite of your predicament, He still loves you and died for you.  He loves all of us, in spite of.


Now, that is a sneak peak, but isn’t it awesome to know that God loves us all “in spite of” our wrongdoings?  We are all deserving of Hell, and yet, He loved us “in spite of” and gave us the chance to accept the gift of Eternal Life.  I don’t know about you, but that simply blows me away.  God is good, all the time.  All the time, God is good!

Now, go be that blessing God wants you to be!  You can be that blessing “in spite of.”  Go on and give it a try!

Rebecca Keeslar Krell


Tattoos of surprises!

Let me start off by saying that I had no idea what was going to happen today.  So today, I am simply going to share a sweet story with you.

Today I met with my tattoo artist.  No, I did not get a tattoo.  He is so gifted, that he is drawing the cover for my new book.  On my way there, I asked God, “what should I pray for?”  God clearly told me to keep it simple.  Okay, basically I was going in there to be me, and if I could bless someone I would.  I have asked God daily to send me people who need blessings.  So, I drove hoping to be able to bless, but I was not sure.

As I pulled up to the shop, I stopped the car and prayed one more time.  I went in and told myself, speak as you feel led.  Okay then, I will do just that.

There are so many people that visit tattoo shops these days that you just never know if the client getting a tattoo, and/or the person giving it is a Christian or not.  I will tell you that my artist is not a Christian, but he does believe in God.  He just hasn’t declared him personally, yet.  I have good feelings about him, so I will pray that he will become saved.

I went back and we sat with paper and a pencil and went over the title, what I wanted, how I wanted it to look, how he wanted me to thank him in  my acknowledgement section, etc.  He said he felt honored to do this for me.  He has such a sweet heart.  While we were discussing my book cover, another client came in.  I over heard her say that “tomorrow is the 5 year anniversary, so I need to do this.”  Our meeting wasn’t going to be long, so that sat to wait.  I had no idea what she was asking for, I just heard that part of the conversation.

We finished our conversation, book size of drawing, etc. and he said he would call me in a week to come in and see if I like what he’s done, need changes, etc.  I thanked him for helping me with this.  Then I said, “they are a couple, is it their 5 year anniversary?”  He can’t say to much to me, but he said, “she wanted praying hands.”  I smiled big.  He specializes in praying hands.  I didn’t know why, but I was going to talk to the next customer.

As I walked out, I said to her, “You have the best artist taking care of you.  I know you will get exactly what you want.”  She said,  “I want praying hands.  Tomorrow is the anniversary of my fathers death from cancer, and I want to do this.  I want the tattoo where his scar was.”  I looked at her and said, “I did a tribute to my father on my back a few years ago.  Do you need a hug? ”  Then, the artist opened up his book of several versions of praying hands, and she looked at one and said, “That’s it.  That is what I had in my head but I didn’t know how to describe it.  This is the exact same image in my head.”  Then she started to cry.  I asked if I could hug her.  She said she was sweaty.  I just said, “Hey, that’s okay, we’ve both lost our father’s and I love my tribute, and he’s going to do a great job with your tribute.”  She looked at me and reached her arms out and we hugged.

My tattoo artist was off to the side talking to her husband, and I started to get bold.  I said, “I don’t know if you are a Christian or not, but I just want to pray that this gives you the closure you need.”  She stated that she was a believer and she shared her Trinity tattoo, and by golly, I have one too.  We chuckled as we shared them.  I told her that I would pray for her, and I asked her if she had a church, etc.  They have just moved here, so they are looking.  I gave her a piece of paper with my blog address and told her that I hoped to hear from her.

As I type this, she is receiving her praying hands, and I hope it brings her the peace that she needs and the closure that she needs.    I also pray that my artist is being convicted every time he sees me, and now as he works on her.  I want him to believe, and with several praying for him, it can happen.  So, who knew that my ministry would be in a tattoo parlor today.  However, I knew God had planned him for my book cover, and as I look to this client, we have both lost our fathers.  My dad always said, “there is no coincidence, there are only God incidences.”  As I look at what happened, God wanted me there for her.  I am glad that I was.

You know, you never know when you are going to meet someone who just needs a blessing on there life on that day and at that moment.  I told God to just let me speak where I needed to speak, and He showed me where.

Remember, if you ask for God to work through you, He will always allow that to happen.

I hope you enjoyed my story.  This is what I felt led to share, and I hope you see that God’s blessings can be found everywhere.

Blessings to all!

Sowing Seeds

This morning as I was driving to Starbucks, I prayed that I would be a seed planter to those I met.  I was only going two places:  Starbucks and the Nail Salon.

However, as I have almost finished my book and started this blog, I have also prayed that I would be a blessing to many.  This leads into the following mini-story.

As I drove up to the window to make my order, everything seemed normal.  However, when I got up to the window, I was told that I had won the lottery.  What?  What were they talking about.  Then another barista came to the window and said to forget about my order.  I could have a Venti drink with anything that I want.  One barista told another that the next one in line was to be blessed.  I was that person.  I have been asking God to show me His blessings as I walk through His doors of obedience, and here I was creating a new drink (which I loved), and received a blessing.  This one a simple confirmation from God, but a necessary one.  However, I still needed to plant that seed!  I blessed the barista and told them to have a fabulous day.  I was grinning ear to ear and praising God as I headed to the Nail Salon.

Next, I am sitting in the salon getting my first set of acrylic nails is a few years.  We haven’t been able to afford for me to have them, but after today, we think the fills will work.  We made sure I had the money today and the technician knew the design I wanted and gave me a great rate.  I couldn’t believe how little she was asking, especially since she put the design UNDER the acrylic so that there was no way any of the design would go away before the next fill.  Anyway, she was talking to other customers and letting them know that the cheapest design is $60 for all 10 nails (not counting the cost of the fill or a new set) and up to 100.  A fill and paint is $20.  One nail is $5 more.  This is pretty standard, but she also does 3D art, and so these designs cost.  I chose one of those designs.  I needed a $30 set of nails plus the 10 nail design.  Let’s say I had the cheapest ten nail and 3D art.  That would be another $60.  Then the tip.  Ouch.  I was, honestly, paying $45 for everything.  $30 for a new set of nails and only $15 for an all 10 finger 3D nail art.  I leaned over to her and said, “I had no idea about these costs.  I can figure this out, but i’ll just get creative.”  She then said to me, “No.  When I met you earlier this spring, I saw you looking at that set and knew you would come back and ask for it.  I didn’t have the supplies at the time, so I ordered the kit and waited.  I have had the kit here for 3 months waiting for you to get the nails.  I just knew you would.  I don’t know why, but I did this, and now I am blessing you.  This is my gift to you.”  Oh my goodness, I was getting another gift.  I spent $45 of something that, at minimum, should be $90!  Here I am in awe again.  However, I still hadn’t sown a seed, and I needed to.  I had asked God to tell me who the person would be, and I knew it wasn’t her.

Another customer came in and had a seat next to me.  She starting talking to her technician, and I knew she was the one.  We got to talking, and she started telling me a little about her life, so I told her a little about mine.  I was sowing my seed.  I won’t say everything that we discussed, as every topic will be in my book, but it was a neat conversation.  At the end, she said, “I needed to hear those words today.  I was meant to sit by you.”  Yes, I had sown a seed and will pray that it blossoms inside of her.  Then she looked at me and said, “You will bless so many people.  May God continue to bless you.”  There it was, another affirmation.  She used the word blessed.

I asked God to show me someone to whom to sow my seed into, and I found that person, and yet, I was triple blessed by the time I came home.  The gifts God gave to me, today were incredible.

Then, I sat down for devotional time.  I am reading a book called:  Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  I came across these words that blessed me, and I pray they bless you.  “Look neither behind you nor before you.  Instead, focus your attention on Me, your constant Companion.  Trust that I will equip you fully for whatever waits you on you on your journey.  I designed time to be a protection for you….I am with you, watching over you wherever you go.”

Wow….don’t look back, look now!  Focus on God.  He knows that I am on a journey, and He will be with me on my journey wherever I go.  We are all on a journey.  Some of us, our journey is making it to tomorrow.  For some it is looking for a new job.  For others, it’s relationships, and so on.  God knows the journey that you are on.  Don’t look back; look now.  God is always with you where ever you go.

Now, go enjoy your journey, and hey, plant some seeds along the way!

Blessings to you all!

Trust in The Lord

Proverbs 3: 5-6 says, “Trust in The Lord with ALL your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

Many of us have heard that verse a million times but have never thought to much about it.  This verse is a verse that acknowledges that we have to trust God with ALL of our heart.  If you are struggling, give it ALL to God.  He will direct our paths if He is allowed to be our pilot.  There is a bumper sticker that says, ” God is my co-pilot.”  If He is our co-pilot, that means He is not in control of our entire heart.  We need to give God our entire heart and WE need to become the co-pilot and let God pilot our lives!

As I left home today, I asked God to put people in my path to whom I could share my life with, and if led, my future book with.  Well, when you ask God for specifics, He delivers.  At one store, I met a gentleman who brought the Proverbs post up with me in conversation.  One thing led to another, and He blessed my life and me his.  Also, due to his story, I was prompted by God to tell him about my upcoming book.  He, and another worker showed up and one said to me, ” I was the blessing they needed today.”  They asked for my book information and said I had two buyers, and I am not even published yet.  He asked if he could talk to his pastor about getting a few books out to their church and having me come hot speak.

That is letting God be my pilot and using my entire heart.  Through that, the ministry flowed.  If we remember Proverbs 3: 5-6 and move God to the pilots seat, I am confident He will bless you by giving Him total control of your life!

Lord, I pray that we allow you to become our primary focus and put you back in the pilots seat.  May others find this blessing and pour it out onto others.  Amen!