Sowing Seeds

This morning as I was driving to Starbucks, I prayed that I would be a seed planter to those I met.  I was only going two places:  Starbucks and the Nail Salon.

However, as I have almost finished my book and started this blog, I have also prayed that I would be a blessing to many.  This leads into the following mini-story.

As I drove up to the window to make my order, everything seemed normal.  However, when I got up to the window, I was told that I had won the lottery.  What?  What were they talking about.  Then another barista came to the window and said to forget about my order.  I could have a Venti drink with anything that I want.  One barista told another that the next one in line was to be blessed.  I was that person.  I have been asking God to show me His blessings as I walk through His doors of obedience, and here I was creating a new drink (which I loved), and received a blessing.  This one a simple confirmation from God, but a necessary one.  However, I still needed to plant that seed!  I blessed the barista and told them to have a fabulous day.  I was grinning ear to ear and praising God as I headed to the Nail Salon.

Next, I am sitting in the salon getting my first set of acrylic nails is a few years.  We haven’t been able to afford for me to have them, but after today, we think the fills will work.  We made sure I had the money today and the technician knew the design I wanted and gave me a great rate.  I couldn’t believe how little she was asking, especially since she put the design UNDER the acrylic so that there was no way any of the design would go away before the next fill.  Anyway, she was talking to other customers and letting them know that the cheapest design is $60 for all 10 nails (not counting the cost of the fill or a new set) and up to 100.  A fill and paint is $20.  One nail is $5 more.  This is pretty standard, but she also does 3D art, and so these designs cost.  I chose one of those designs.  I needed a $30 set of nails plus the 10 nail design.  Let’s say I had the cheapest ten nail and 3D art.  That would be another $60.  Then the tip.  Ouch.  I was, honestly, paying $45 for everything.  $30 for a new set of nails and only $15 for an all 10 finger 3D nail art.  I leaned over to her and said, “I had no idea about these costs.  I can figure this out, but i’ll just get creative.”  She then said to me, “No.  When I met you earlier this spring, I saw you looking at that set and knew you would come back and ask for it.  I didn’t have the supplies at the time, so I ordered the kit and waited.  I have had the kit here for 3 months waiting for you to get the nails.  I just knew you would.  I don’t know why, but I did this, and now I am blessing you.  This is my gift to you.”  Oh my goodness, I was getting another gift.  I spent $45 of something that, at minimum, should be $90!  Here I am in awe again.  However, I still hadn’t sown a seed, and I needed to.  I had asked God to tell me who the person would be, and I knew it wasn’t her.

Another customer came in and had a seat next to me.  She starting talking to her technician, and I knew she was the one.  We got to talking, and she started telling me a little about her life, so I told her a little about mine.  I was sowing my seed.  I won’t say everything that we discussed, as every topic will be in my book, but it was a neat conversation.  At the end, she said, “I needed to hear those words today.  I was meant to sit by you.”  Yes, I had sown a seed and will pray that it blossoms inside of her.  Then she looked at me and said, “You will bless so many people.  May God continue to bless you.”  There it was, another affirmation.  She used the word blessed.

I asked God to show me someone to whom to sow my seed into, and I found that person, and yet, I was triple blessed by the time I came home.  The gifts God gave to me, today were incredible.

Then, I sat down for devotional time.  I am reading a book called:  Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  I came across these words that blessed me, and I pray they bless you.  “Look neither behind you nor before you.  Instead, focus your attention on Me, your constant Companion.  Trust that I will equip you fully for whatever waits you on you on your journey.  I designed time to be a protection for you….I am with you, watching over you wherever you go.”

Wow….don’t look back, look now!  Focus on God.  He knows that I am on a journey, and He will be with me on my journey wherever I go.  We are all on a journey.  Some of us, our journey is making it to tomorrow.  For some it is looking for a new job.  For others, it’s relationships, and so on.  God knows the journey that you are on.  Don’t look back; look now.  God is always with you where ever you go.

Now, go enjoy your journey, and hey, plant some seeds along the way!

Blessings to you all!


2 thoughts on “Sowing Seeds

  1. Yep, that is true. Our journey in life is constantly in search of something we lack, something we need or something we want. Whether it be a lack of a job, lack of spiritual guidance or wanting a new career, a new hope, a new sense of peace. Sometimes those all are interchangeable.

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