When the rains come down, down, down!

Well, it has been an interesting few days.  I was going to blog yesterday, but the power went of for 6 1/2 hours just after I started.  So…….I had a blog FAIL.  

However, let me tell you about the rain.  

Yesterday started as a normal day, but as the afternoon approached, I could tell we were going to have our first “big” rain of the monsoon season.  For those of you who may have never heard of a monsoon, it is a season of daily rains.  When the season is over, it is “pretty much” dry for the rest of the year.  We live in the Sonoran Desert and treasure the Monsoon Season.  Anyway, we were going to have our first big rain of the year.  Normally, this is not a big deal, as this occurs every year, but yesterday was different.

We saw the dark clouds and thought, no biggie.  It will rain and be over and we’ll go on with our day.  

Well, the rain came in with a fury!  Pretty soon the house was shaking from the 60mph winds outside.  It was pouring in our kitchen, from a cracked window.  We couldn’t even shut the window.  We were struggling with that as the lightning and hail was something from out of this world.  I looked outside and unit was raining buckets.  The house was shaking, the cover tore off our grill, the pool cover flew off, and soon we would know more.  

Then, the power went out.  We sat inside and then crashing sounds happened outside.  We waited it out and when the rains stopped, we headed outside.  My ceramic windchime was broken, but more damaging….pieces of our roof were on the ground.  My first thought was, ” we just had the roof fixed.  Why is this happening?”  

Anyway, we went 6 1/2 hours with no power, and I know more roof repairs were yet to come.  Today we found out our desktop hard drive is down for the count too.  It is what it’s is.

so, what now?  I could be mad at God and tell Him that He knows we can’t afford this, or I could be grateful that we walked away unharmed.  

Is it raining in your life right now?  If so, can you find a blessing in the rain?  When the rain comes, can you find the rainbow?

Lord, many people are going through some storms.  Please let us see the rainbow.  May we count our many blessings one by one!

in Jesus’ name



4 thoughts on “When the rains come down, down, down!

  1. Well yes i know about the rain. My life verse is John 14:27 . Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

    I am still able to rest in His peace. That is for sure my Rainbow after the rain.

  2. Yes, going through the storms in our lives are for reasons. I totally understand the financial challenges you face as well. The scary situation with the monsoon, the leaky roof. We all are going through our mounds of trials and all we can do is give it all up to God. He’s wanting us to get stronger and keep focus on our inner strengths and keeping the faith. That’s all we can do to make it through these tough times but we will make it through. Thanks for sharing about your trials and I pray for you…that everything will turn out ok. I think our trials bring all of us together to share the faith, keep the faith and find strength in one another to make it through all of it. 🙂

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