The World is your mission field….not the church!

This has been an interesting week.  I have had a few teachers ask me, “Why do you teach in a pubic school?  Why don’t you work for a church or a private school?”  Then I have had a couple say, “Don’t you think more of your ministry would happen there than here?”  

Well, I have had the please of telling ALL of them that I have taught at Montessori, private, and public.  However, at a private Christian school, they know they will hear the word of the Lord.  Here they don’t know that they are coming into contact with someone who will pray for them and hope to change their life!

Well, I have had a few interesting responses, and that is okay.  However, I am reminded of a sign that I used to see every week as I left a former church back in Illinois.  It said, “You are now entering your mission field.”

That is it in a nutshell.  Missionaries do not go to where saved people are, they go to the unsaved.  In fact, Jesus spent time with the woman at the well (an adulterer).  He had lunch with Zaccheus (a wicked tax collector), and frankly, His apostles had a pretty sketchy past as well.

He took “ordinary” people and made them “extra-ordinary”.  He wants to do that for you and me.  He asks us to be the salt and light unto the world, to seek and save the lost.  He did not die to save the saved, but he died to save the lost.

So, am I saying to not go to church?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  In fact, we need to go.  As a believer, we need to be fed and nourished so that we can continue to pour out onto others.  We need oil for our lamp to keep us burning.  “Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning.  Give me oil in my lamp I pray.  Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning.  Keep me burning ’til the break of day.”

Or, as another pastor once said, if a log is placed inside a fire, it burns.  That log symbolizes us.  However, we need to keep adding logs to keep us lit.  However, if we remove that log, the flames will die out.  Church is very important.  In fact, it is an act of Obedience to the Lord, our Savior.  We are to go and receive the information to keep us strong, make us strong, and to witness to others.  Then, we are to enter our mission field.

I enjoyed my time in a private Christian school, but I am now in my mission field.  I have several unsaved around me every day.  I am to be the salt and light to all that I see:  teachers and students alike.  By my faith, may they know the Lord.  I may be limited, by law, as to what I can and cannot say, but I do pray in the classroom, I do bless my room daily, and I pray that my life is a shining example so that others will see me and want what I have in my life!

So, what now?  Are you ready to go into the mission field? I pray that as you travel through your week (work, driving, grocery store, etc) that you will be a missionary to all that you see.

In Jesus’s name!


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